Maryland HCG Doctor – Kevin Carr, M.D.

Dr. Kevin CarrBaltimore Maryland HCG Doctor, Dr. Kevin Carr, board-certified in Internal Medicine, is a specialist in anti-aging and wellness medicine. As an internist, Dr. Carr uses his acute knowledge of the body as a foundation for identifying and treating disease processes. He focuses on “disease avoidance” and regenerative medicine, to help his patients enjoy healthier, happier, more vibrant lives.

With elite training and decades of patient care experience, Dr. Carr is a recognized leader in total body health and wellness. A graduate University of Chicago and Yale School of Medicine, Dr. Carr is accredited by the American Board of Internal Medicine as well as the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

As a former United States Marine and the former Medical Director of an inner city clinic serving at-risk patients, Dr. Carr brings a unique sense of compassion and service to the practice of medicine and patient care. He has served as a Clinical Longitudinal Educator to medical students at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and as a Hospitalist at GBMC. His gentle approach, impressive expertise, and outstanding results have earned him a loyal following and the respect of his peers.

Dr. Carr’s approach to total wellness uses an innovative array of wellness solutions that includes micronutrient and hormone therapy for age management, weight loss and total body health. Using his finely-honed diagnostic skills, advanced technology and sophisticated techniques, Dr. Carr helps patients optimize their health and wellness, for now and the years ahead.

FREE Consultation for HCG Diet and Medical Weight Loss!

A Doctor-supervised weight loss program can help patients more effectively lose weight because a Specialist can tailor a weight loss program that suits individual needs.

Prior failures at weight loss can be a combination of mental and physical factors.

A careful review of a patient’s medical history, as well as a physical exam and baseline lab testing, can help identify specific barriers to weight loss which can be overcome.

Weight Loss With The HCG Diet

Patients who have tried multiple other diets and failed can find success with the HCG Diet. The use of HCG coupled with a very low calorie diet WILL cause weight loss–typically 1-2 lbs per day for men and women.

Animal studies show that HCG is accumulated in the hypothalamus (an area that regulates hunger and obesity), and that it has an effect on enzymes involved in the metabolic pathway.

HCG, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a hormone naturally produced in a woman’s body during pregnancy to help support the growing fetus.

Men and women who take the hormone report diminished hunger on a very low calorie diet (usually around 500 cal/day), while their fat stores are metabolized and pounds and inches are shed. Patients can expect to lose 1-2 lbs per day for each 30-day diet cycle.

Obesity increases the risk for diabetes, heart disease, and a number of other health problems.

Dr. Carr has used the HCG Diet to effectively help patients reach their weight loss goals and reduce their overall risk for obesity-related conditions.

Belcara Health offers around the clock support for our patients and we also have programs to help you keep the weight off—including access to our registered Dietician.

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